June Plans

June is finally here and I could not be more excited! (Side note, I started this at the beginning of June, I know June is almost over buut I procrastinated writing this so here I go!) I’m *gasp* a high school graduate now which feel kind of weird but it’s a nice feeling. I’ve decided to do a two year transfer from my local community college and I’ve started my first summer class I’m taking. The class itself isn’t too hard, coming from an AP english class, it’s the same amount of work. The only thing is that it’s suuper fast paced because it’s an accelerated and it’s a summer class. But it’s going well so far, so I have high hopes! (My best friend and I pictured below)

I’m going to Hawaii in a week and I’m so thrilled, I haven’t been there since I was in middle school and I’m excited to go back now that I’m older and can experience more things. My family and I have planned to go snorkeling, hiking, and parasailing so I cannot wait to get on our plane and fly over there.

This summer, I’ve made a resolution to start writing more consistently, (which hasn’t been going well so far…) as well as branching out from what I’m used to and trying new things. Whether that means branching out and trying more risky fashion trends I’ve been too afraid to try, or meeting new people and trying new activities. So far, my plan is to try fishnet tights. I know that they have been a style trend recently, but I never thought I would be able to pull them off. I recently bought a pair of yellow sunnies, which is branching out slightly for me, because I rarely feel like I can pull off glasses, much less bright yellow ones! But I adore them, and look forward to wearing them more often this summer! They’re shown below where I wore them yesterday at the OC night market~


Let me know in the comments below what you’re summer resolutions are; whether they be trends, or new places or things you want to try!

Till next time,


No Valentine? No Problem!

Hello! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, but I’ve just been super blocked with my writing and I’ve contracted a case of senioritis. I’ve basically just been sitting on my couch, re-watching Winx Club (if you remember this show you’re a true homie), and eating copious amounts of ramen and french fries. Buuut I finally decided to pick my lazy butt off of the couch and plop myself in front of my computer to do some work.
Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, (technically it’d be today when I post this) and I, as usual, don’t have a Valentine’s. I’m actually not sad about it for once, surprisingly. I used to be super bitter because I didn’t have a boyfriend or someone to make me feel special, and I really could care less at the moment. If you are sad about not having that special someone for Valentine’s day, here are a few things you could do to make yourself feel better. 

1) Beat ya face!!

Trust me, when I say that dolling yourself up with a little makeup or a fancy hair-do or outfit will make you feel better. Use that special highlighter, throw on that bold red lip! I’m planning to do a semi-beat tomorrow even though I’ll be at school, but hey, there’s nothing wrong with looking good!

 2) Buy yourself flowers

Flowers are everywhere on Valentine’s day and can make one feel a little sad if they have no one to give them their favorite. But who cares? Go out and buy your own! Flowers are always a nice thing to have around, (I have two roses next to my computer right now actually,) and always seem to cheer me up if I’m sad and always put me in a good mood!

3) Treat yo self

SO what if you don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend to buy you chocolates or take you on a fancy dinner date. This goes along with buying yourself flowers as well. Treat ya self! You work hard and you definitely deserve some chocolates, or that milkshake you’ve been craving. Personally, my comfort foods include spicy instant ramen, curly fries, and a milk tea with boba. Mmm, just writing about that makes me hungry. And if you’re really feeling yourself, go out to your favorite restaurant or cafe by yourself! If they ask who’s your valentine, just say you’re your own! No shame in being independent and proud.

If you’re feeling a more low key evening, I suggest running a bath and putting in some bubbles, for a nice bubble bath. Light some candles and put on your favorite music while you’re at it, and you’ll feel like a queen basking in your own glow. Or what I’m doing! Buying myself food and turning on Netflix. (Hmmm…Scandal or Disney marathon…) A spa night with your girls is another suggestion that I’m always up for. Memebox has so many cute facial boxes or other cute skincare items that are super fun to use and good for your skin!

Whatever you decide, I hope that you all have a wonderful and fulfilling Valentine’s day. And for those that do have a significant other, have fun today! If you want, feel free to comment down below what you plan to do or what you did today! I’d love to hear all about it!