Sunny San Diego

Sunny San Diego

Hello beautiful people!

Yesterday I spent the day in sunny San Diego with my cousins and managed to visit some of Instagram’s hottest picture places.

Holy Matcha (North Park)~

I loved the cute decorations of this place, and how it was basically drowning in millennial pink and matcha green, which happen to be two of my favorite colors. The vibrant plants spread all around the shop as well as their neon pink sign just screamed AESTHETIC to me, which resulted in me forcing my cousin to snap some cute pictures. Not gonna lie, I was a little disappointed in the matcha itself, the latte I bought just didn’t live up to my expectations…BUT I was really happy I finally got to visit this place after seeing it all over my instagram feed!

Boba Bar (Convoy)~

My cousins and I stopped by this little shop after stuffing ourselves full with korean bbq, and I was so excited to try their famous puffle cones! We ordered a strawberry cheesecake one, as well as a green tea oreo cheescake puffle, which were filled with vanilla soft serve, cheesecake bites, and strawberry or matcha, depending on what you ordered. It was so delicious and I’m sad that they don’t have a location near me.

Balboa Park~

Balboa park is one of San Diego’s coolest places to take pictures, or to just walk around with your family. They have tons of art galleries and museums, most of which are free! I’m pictured below outside of one of the many art galleries, and near their famous rose gardens! The flowers there are so beautiful and super cute for pictures. In my outfit below, I’m wearing a lavender silk lace tank top from Forever 21, my favorite boyfriend jeans from GAP, and my Mom’s old Calvin Klein heels. The only thing I regret was not bringing extra shoes…my feet were in pain by the time we left!

I had so much fun exploring San Diego with my cousins, and I hope to go down there again soon, because there is so much more waiting to be discovered! Leave me any comments about some cute food places or just places you love to go! (Photo credits to @hello.sandra on instagram)



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