Button Ups and Boyfriend Jeans

The sun finally came back! After nearly three weeks of rainy and freezing weather, the sun finally decided to show its face and grace us with a mellow 70 degrees. I threw together this new outfit and it’s on the way to becoming one of my favorites. Its super cute, comfy and a bunch of people complimented it which made me really happy!

(I look super awkward in the second picture SORRY)

The top is a white and navy striped button up from H&M. I literally bought it two days ago, when I was on the hunt for a business-y look for my Model United Nations conference I have coming up! It’s not as uncomfortable as some of the other button ups I’ve worn, and very versatile. You could dress it up, or dress it down as I did here.  The shirt didn’t come with the sleeves rolled up, so I just undid the buttons on the cuff and rolled them up myself. They were sorta annoying because they kept unrolling, so I’ll have to try and figure out how to make sure the folds stay. I didn’t button the shirt fully for a more casual look, as compared to a full business one.

My bottoms are just my favorite pair of boyfriend jeans from Old Navy. I’m currently in the search for different types of jeans and pant styles, so wish me luck on that! I used to hate wearing jeans. With a passion. I felt so uncomfortable in them and because I’m on the short side (I’m 5’1; I know, I’m super short. My friends make fun of me every chance they get), and my legs are thicker because of my past with sports, it made it very hard for me to find a pair of jeans that I’d be comfortable wearing. But I’ve started venturing into different styles and I actually like them! Hopefully soon my collection will be expanded enough so I can do a post just on my favorite jeans!

My shoes are just a pair of flats I borrowed from my mom’s shoe collection. (Don’t tell her!) I rarely wear flats, just because I’m more of a sneaker/boot person, but I think I might start to try styling more outfits that include them. Lastly, I just paired a white Ann Taylor watch with the outfit, because I felt that it really complimented the whole look and honestly, I just love wearing watches. They make me feel so fancy!


Sidenote: Sorry for not posting an outfit last week! It was so rainy and windy my friends and I weren’t able to get outside to take pictures, but I did have an outfit to document. If the weather permits, I’ll try to take pictures in that outfit to show you guys.

Photo Creds: @samannatrinh on Instagram

(Featured image from WeHeartIt)


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