Red Rain Coat

The sun stayed away for a few more days, which allowed me to pull out another “winter” outfit that I normally wouldn’t wear in typical SoCal weather!


Raincoats are definitely not a thing you’d see people normally wear in California, especially where I live. But this past week has been quite the exception. It’s been raining and the weather is at like a freezing temp of 60 degrees (This doesn’t sound cold to people who don’t live in California, but trust me, it was freezing. We californians are more used to sunny skies of 75, and start to pull out scarves when it drops below 70.)I rummaged through my mom’s closet, hoping to something I could wear over my sweater, and found this gem. I fell in love with the bright strawberry red, and thought it would be the perfect pop of color to top off my outfit.


My gray sweater is from Zara, and is honestly one of my favorite things I have in my closet. I wear it all the time, and it’s so easy to dress up or for casual wear. It’s so soft and surprisingly warm! The sleeves are wide and it just gives off a comfy vibe overall.


My boyfriend jeans are suuper comfortable and so effortlessly stylish! I remember the first time I wore them, and so many people complimented them and asked me where they could get their own pair. I always pair these jeans with this sweater; they compliment each other and it’s a cute outfit I can throw on when I’m in a rush to go somewhere. Of course, I had to pull the outfit together with my heeled ankle boots. You guys will probably be seeing these in alot of these posts, so bear with me until I get the chance to expand my shoe collection.
(Random fact but California is 40% out of it’s drought! At least something good came out of all this rain.)

(Featured image from WeHeartIt)


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