Rainy Day Looks

Yesterday was one of the rare rainy days in southern California. It was my first day back to school (sadly) after two blissful weeks of winter break, so I decided to dress up a bit. I’ve owned this tan trench coat for a couple of years, but it’s nearly brand new because I rarely get the chance to wear it. I’m in love with it mainly it reminds me of New York and makes me reminisce about the trip I took last year.


My top is from Zara, and has black and white stripes a mock neck. I’ve found that I love wearing mock necks; they make you look presentable without any effort, and I personally think that they’re more comfortable than a full turtleneck. The shirt is a bit thin, so it can be worn even when it’s warm out, and layered with other shirts and jackets when it’s cold.



(Sorry for these awkward looking pictures, I had my friend take them during our lunch period and our old english teacher walked by LOL. Hopefully I learn to be less awkward with my poses!)

As for the bottom half of my outfit, I can’t say where my pants came from because I’ve had these for so many years. I only recently started wearing them and I’m obsessed with them. They’re so comfortable and are so easy to style! My heeled ankle boots are about a year old, and are from Nordstrom. They’re a bit worn down due to my constant use of them, but are still my favorite pair of boots to wear.

This outfit is one of my favorites, and has this kinda classic business look that I absolutely adore. Hopefully I get the chance to wear it once more before the sun comes back to SoCal!


photo credits: @samannatrinh on instagram


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