An Insight to Me

An Insight to Me

I’ve always found it hard to find the balance between being polite to people while also being able to have them respect you and have your voice be heard. Growing up, I was always encouraged to be kind to others, and I believe that I’ve grown to be a kind person. However, looking back over the past few years has led me to a realization that I tried too hard to be nice and helpful to others leading to letting myself get walked over. I remember one specific incident that happened in my english class as a junior, where one of my ‘friends’ in the class got mad at me because I refused to help him cheat on a test. Another example was when another one of my ‘friends’ asked me to pee in a cup for her because we had a random drug test at school, and she had smoked marijuana a few days prior. The line between being kind and letting people take advantage of you was slim, and I hadn’t been able to distinguish the difference between them for a long time.

Of course, as I grew older, I matured and grew a backbone. I became more confident in voicing my opinions, unafraid to stir the pot a bit. As a future political science student, being able to grow this way has helped me tremendously. I’ve become one of the most vocal students in my ap government class, which is something I’m proud of, considering how timid I was in the past. I’m still trying to find the balance with being strong and vocal while still taking other’s feelings into consideration. I’ve stopped putting up with people who try to bring me down with their comments, and I’m almost too brutally honest. I learned that sometimes voicing your opinion at the wrong time can take a turn for the worse. However, I’m still young, and trying my best to find balance in all aspects of my life. In starting this blog, I hope that I’m able to grow both as a writer and as a person, and to hopefully realize who I am exactly.



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